Monday, January 24, 2011

News and Updates

Those of you who are hosting will see a change in February with your HOSTING control panel (not the store control panel). I've had issues setting up new domains in Helm 4, and it has slowed me down in setting up some new websites lately. It's really gotten frustrating. This past week I migrated 20 domains to CF Shopkart standard hosting and I had problems that made it take longer then it should have. Even though Helm is very feature rich, it is complex, slow, and buggy.

So a new, faster, simpler web hosting control panel is coming! The company I am partnered with for hosting services has sent me a demo of the control panel, and it looks fantastic. It feels very responsive, and is so much easier to use. I am finalizing the plan to migrate with them this week and going over some questions I had with them to ensure a smooth transfer.

There should be no interruption in service as we migrate each of you to the new hosting control panel. Those of you who do not access the hosting control panel (not the store control panel) need not even worry about this.

Some of you know I've been very busy lately. I recently joined a partnership out of Chicago and my task is to build a set of tools to help people market their business online. In the beginning these tools will integrate with Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, and their will be a built-in auto responder as well as additional features that I'll list in a later post when some things are finalized. We are on schedule to start closed Alpha testing at the end of this month, with open Beta testing starting sometime towards the end of February.

Though I have been busy with that in addition to my usual work load, an update for CF Shopkart has been being worked on whenever I have a spare moment and I almost have it ready to post for download. Hosting clients have already got the updates, so you guys don't need to worry about it (I try to patch all my hosting customers sites whenever a bug is reported even if they are unaware of it). The update will send out some missing templates that didn't get put into the last release as well as fix a few bugs. I'm also trying to add a couple of requested features into this update. Of course, hosting customers will get the update first.

The forums are currently down, and the forum admin is MIA. I'm working on getting a new forum up and running so in the meantime please just send me an email if you are in need of help and I'll try to help everyone as much as I can.