Friday, October 1, 2010

Important Info about 005 update

It has come to my attention that for some reason in the latest update, some installation are unable to overwrite the Application.cfm due to permission issues on some servers.

Note: My clients do not need to worry about this. I have done this for you.

First, check to see if you need to update it.

1. Open Application.cfm in the root of your website.

2. If the following lines are missing near the top, then you need to update it:

cferror type="exception" template="#request.absolutepath#errorstop.cfm"
cferror type="request" template="#request.absolutepath#errorstop.cfm"
cferror type="validation" template="#request.absolutepath#errorstop.cfm"

To Update:

1. Download the 005 update on the site here:

2. Extract it and open the folder deploy/

3. You should see the file Application.cfm

4. Upload that to your website, overwriting the previous version of the file.

You can also get the new Application.cfm file from the latest download.

Note: You should also do the same update to the Application.cfm folder located in the /admin/ folder.