Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hang in there! :-)

I'm ALMOST ready to launch the demo for 5.5. Today I'm going through the last couple of payment processors integrated to make sure they are okay. I am also going to check on the help context and add some more where needed.

Tonight I'm going to TRY to get the demo posted, but I need to make sure it's secure so it might not be visible until tomorrow.

I just had a client have me build a new (small) stats application for him since he needed something simple and customized. So I went ahead and put that into the 5.5 release yesterday. I also took some time to clear up the add/edit product forms. I've been adding more and more options to the product settings section and it was looking very disorganized. As I was editing products I realized it was getting more difficult to find settings so I organized them better.

In this release adding new payment processors should be a lot easier. You can now select multiple 3rd party processors and each has it's own settings stored encrypted in the database. I even created a form for the master admin to add/edit settings for the processors (it is hidden for admins and users). I plan to add additional payment processors through updates in the months to come.

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