Saturday, August 21, 2010

Expanding the Community

I've been really looking into socializing my website and CF Shopkart. So I've been looking into Google Friends, and this evening I took some time to connect the site to it. It supports a lot of popular social site logins so you can join the site if you have an account on any one of the other websites Google supports. It only takes a few seconds to join and start interacting with the site.

One of the things I really like is the questions and answers box. I figure it will be a great way to get people interacting with each other who use CF Shopkart (or like Coldfusion). If you just don't feel like getting involved with the forum, but want to participate in the community then please join. If you are already in the forum, then consider becoming a member of the site.

To join the site, just visit the Community page and on the right side you will see I added some gadgets. Enjoy!

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