Sunday, July 25, 2010

Slight Delay on 5.5 for a little change to checkout

On Thursday I had a great suggestion from someone about the checkout process, and that got me thinking about a question someone had ask me about integrating payment processors into CF Shopkart. I liked the idea given to me, and I also wanted to make it so much easier to integrate additional processors, I decided to try to rush to make some changes before the release. I thought I'd be able to get it posted by Friday evening anyway, but I didn't get to it due to some other things that came up. So there is a little delay, but it shouldn't be much of one. Monday I have to do some things on two projects, but I will find time later to work on it some more, and hopefully finish it up and then release it next week. I will post another blog entry on Tuesday or Wednesday with more info. I thought about just putting it out in an update, but unfortunately it involves too many changes to do that. Thank you all for your patience.

Monday, July 19, 2010

CF Shopkart 5.5 release date set

I am setting a release date for the next version: this Friday. So far it is working great, but I need to just tweak a few things before the release. After Friday all changes and updates will be sent through the automatic update process. I am working on updating the site over the next couple of days to get it finished out. And, yes, I know the contact form is broken. I will have that fixed too. I will post more updates here when I have time.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Been lazy about posting

I've been lazy about posting, but my clients have been keeping me busy. In about 2 weeks (and I promise you it will be 2 weeks, or I give up on promising anything lol), I am going to release the next installment of CF Shopkart. This will be now called 5.5. I've added so much stuff, gotten so much feedback, and yes, the new version runs on Linux! It is in final testing at the moment, and should be ready within 2 weeks from today!

I'm also trying to finish up the website, and hosting is going to be coming back too! That will be BEFORE the official release, so you can get it early if you sign up for hosting. And your site will be hosted on a Linux server :-)