Friday, July 31, 2009

Version 5.4 Preview Demo is up!

Today I added just a few more enhancements and improvements, but mostly I tested the heck out of CF Shopkart 5.4 and worked out a few minor glitches. While I was at it, I added the ability to upload multiple images for a product at once.

I added a couple more style classes for the option form fields so you can customize them a little more.

I dropped the access codes feature from this update, mostly because it's not really all that useful, but because it needed work and I really didn't want to spend so much time on a feature that the majority of people will not be using.

You can see the preview demo (no access to the admin, but it's very similar to the cfshopkart 5.3 demo with some visual improvements and of course a few added features) here:

Tomorrow later on I should have it posted to the downloads section.


I have had "Coming Soon" on the hosting page for the past week. It's probably, unfortunately, going to be until Sunday evening by the time I get that off there and get the order form working. I'm also working with Hostek to get my reseller account all setup properly so that I can start setting up the stores on a CF8 server instead of the CF7 server they had me on. They notified me today that they will be moving my existing sites over to the CF8 server.

I will make an announcement here, on twitter (follow me @cfshopkart), and also on the forum.

Another late night again

I cannot wait to share CF Shopkart 5.4 with all of you. Everything is running great so far in testing. I've had to fix a few minor things late today, but so far all seems to be going great as far as mysql is concerned.

Tomorrow I am going to test with MS Access and then do a followup on testing PayPal IPN to make sure that it is still working. Someone told me the the other day that it wasn't. I tried to fix it without getting into heavy testing, but haven't heard anything back. Hopefully it's working now. I will know tomorrow.

I finished today with adding CFQUERYPARAM tags to all the queries on the front end and some critical queries in the admin during the login and loading. This should really help big on keeping any hackers from being successful with the mysql injection attacks.

Among other security enhancements I have added in a check for such attacks when the site loads. Additionally, the page request is checked to see if index.cfm is called and if it's not, then it promptly redirects to it. This will keep people from trying to load any of the coldfusion scripts directly into their browser without going through the index file first.

I've also accomplished the following today:

- The email item link is back and working much better than before.
- Fixed a couple minor bugs in the wish lists feature.
- Added ability to turn on and off the wish lists feature in the settings.
- Now when you add a coupon for a specific item, it also adds the item to the cart.
- Coupons can be added via url now:
- Changed the way option form fields assignments are stored in the database (no more list in products table. It's now a separate table). This was necessary for future enhancements.
- Fixed up the options administration in the control panel.
- Improved styles throughout the control panel.
- Completely redid the details page. I've broken up the elements of that page into separate files and changed the layout up some. It should be a lot easier to edit and customize it now!
- I've gone through all the bug reports that were sent and addressed every single one that I was able to.

Again, thanks to all those who submitted bug reports for version 5.3. It's been a BIG help!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A few more notes on the pending 5.4 update

I had some difficulties figuring out a weird bug with Fedex that was reported to me early today. That's why you aren't seeing the update posted yet. It set me back. Then one of my other clients mentioned how nice it would be if they could export their orders to, say, a CSV file.

Well, I decided that I would try to do the export feature before release, but not only will you be able to export orders, but also customer contact info (matching criteria), and product data.

I also decided to go ahead and fix a few bugs with the product import and change the way it works. The procedure is the same until the very last step where you choose columns. It's completely turned around, and it should work much better (and should be easier to understand).

I'll be working on some projects in the morning (got to pay the bills). When I'm done, I plan to get back to programming the new export feature and testing. Hopefully I won't find anything too major anymore in testing. I've worked through most of the bugs that were reported to me (a couple minor ones are still a mystery, but thankfully they seem to be happening on very few sites).

I've also added some security enhancements to help further reduce the likely hood of xss and sql injection attacks.

Well, that's it for me for the day. It's after midnight and my eyes are starting to burn. Good night everyone!

Monday, July 27, 2009

One more thing....

After 5.4 is out I am going to concentrate a lot of my time and efforts into documentation. The documentation was put on hold while I worked on a couple of things including the update (bug fixes are more important than how-to's in my book). So in the coming weeks I will be spending time each day adding to the documentation for both CF shopkart ( and the mini site builder (

CF Shopkart 5.4 Will Be Out Soon!

I have been working the past few days on updating CF Shopkart to version 5.4. Besides fixing some bugs, this update is going to add in a few new features.

The biggest addition to this version is the new navigation menu system. Since the beginning of CF Shopkart all those years ago you have had to manually edit the navigation bar at the top of the site just below the header. Well, no more! By default, CFShopkart will continue to use the default navigation menu at the top. But in 5.4 you will be able to choose between a custom HTML menu, a basic HTML menu, a CF8 drop down menu, and a couple of different flash drop down menus. The menus will go 3 levels deep and they can be styled to match your site. You will be able to add page links, custom links, component links, and links to specific categories on the menu.

Another key new features is the ability to create multiple index files so that you can use different templates or layouts throughout your site. This new feature makes it so that you can tell the application to load a different index file for a specific page if you need to change the layout when a certain page is loaded.

Also included in this update is the long awaited ability to attach files to a product that a customer can download after they checkout. In previous versions of CF Shopkart I had the ability included to upload one file for a product. However, I had removed this feature when I released version 5 because I had started to rewrite it, but unfortunately lost the code I started working on when I had a hard drive fail. To make a long story short, I got busy with other things and eventually was able to begin programming the feature back into the application about a month ago. And it is way better than before. The new file attachment feature will lets you upload several files at once so you can have the customer download one or more files depending on what they purchase. Plus when you upload the file a nice status bar comes up to let you know how long it's taking (thank to swfupload).

One more notable feature is a much needed improvement to the filemanager. You can now upload multiple files at once and watch their progress, because I have integrated swfupload. You can select multiple images now and upload them to your images folder instead of one-at-a-time in the image manager.

This will PROBABLY be the last MAJOR update to version 5. I am going to focus more on version 6, which will be a cf8+ shopping cart system. It will make more use of CFCs and many of the awesome features built into CF8. I will continue to support and make updates to version 5 for quite some time yet so don't get worried. CF Shopkart 5 hasn't ran it's full course yet.

In the months ahead you will be seeing a Version 6 Alpha release posted to the site.

I will make an announcement on twitter (@cfshopkart), here in the blog, and on the forum when version 5.4 is posted. It should be within the next 24-48 hours. I just need to finish tweaking and testing it and making sure I didn't miss a couple of bugs.

Which, reminds me: thank you all who have been submitting the error reports in your control panel. That addition to CF Shopkart 5 has been a HUGE help, and I've been reading and addressing as many as I can whenever I have the chance. This next update is going to fix many of the ones that have been reported. So thank you again for taking the time to click that button ;-)

Monday, July 13, 2009

CF Shopkart News and Updates

I am in the process of rolling out a new service at so I've been busy with that the past few weeks.

I am also working on an update to CF Shopkart (5.4) and it will have a few new features, but most importantly it's going to have some bug fixes as well as some more security fixes.

I am also going to offer more CF Shopkart hosting. I am partnered with Hostek and am a reseller for them. I am going to be setting up any new accounts on there. The first thing many of you will notice is the price increase. I set the price higher because I am not only providing you with hosting (which carries some expense), but I am also installing it, providing important updates, and giving you my full support. I want to be able to provide the best support possible and at the pricing level I had it at, this just wasn't possible. As I grow I want to be able to afford to hire others that can program in CF and provide support too and this will help provide better service overall.

Look for the new hosting sign up which is already in progress on the site. I should have it ready by this weekend and I will also be posting an update.