Monday, March 30, 2009

CF Shopkart 5.3 almost out!

I have been testing the new version last night and today and working out any last minute kinks. But as I was testing, I decided to check up on the PayPal Payments Pro integration guides and found out they now have a new method of making the calls. So today I decided to go ahead and put the PayPal Payment Pro support into version 5.3 before I post it (I've had several requests in the past few months for it, but haven't gotten to it).

So far so good! I'm just hoping my tests work. Can it really be this easy? PayPal even provides a CFC for making the calls!

You can all expect version 5.3 to be posted on the site no later than this Wednesday evening!

After this release I am going to focus on documentation and adding more support for other payment processors (please make requests in the forum and provide links).