Friday, February 20, 2009

CFShopkart 5.3 will have error reporting.

I was working on the 5.3 update again today and have fixed a few bugs in it that have been reported to me. One of the new things that will be included in this update is error reporting. I came up with the idea when I was fixing a bug in someone's website. I decided to finally get around to putting in a custom error page and handler instead of just having visitors see Coldfusion errors on your website. It will just display a friendly little message, and the entire Coldfusion error will get logged to your database.

In your control panel you will then find the error log and you can click to view the details of the error. To most people that error message won't mean anything, but to me, it can reveal where a problem might be in the application (especially if I get numerous reports of the same thing). There will be a button above the error report and it will send it right on over to my website and log it for my later review! This type of reporting will go a long way in improving CF Shopkart.

Update on the forum: Charles, the guy who runs the forum, had a problem with his server. The good news is, he told me he is working on it over the weekend and should have it up and running by Monday (if all goes well). So keep your fingers crossed folks, and hope it all goes smoothly so you can all start visiting the forum again.

And one more thing: I am putting together a knowledge base. Every time I fix a bug or do some kind of update that fixes a problem I will be putting it into the knowledge base. The knowledge base will also have documentation that will help both end users and developers. It's going to take time, but I will be working on it as much as I possibly can...but don't expect it overnight ;-)

Thanks to all who have been supporting CF Shopkart and to all who have sent me wonderful comments. The compliments are very incouraging.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Been very busy here!

I have been slammed with work lately. Though I have been working hard on an update to version 5 in what little spare time I have. I can't give a specific date, but I'm going to clear some things out of my way and get it posted soon.

Ido see the forum is down, thank you all for emailing me and letting me know :-). I do not actually run the forum, so I can't really provide any updates on when it's coming back up. I don't even own the domain for it. I'm hoping that it comes back up soon otherwise I'm going to be forced to get one up of my own :-(. I wish the guy that runs it would just let me host it. I wouldn't charge him a thing for it! I've got his email somewhere in my sea of emails. I will write to him and find out what is going on with that.

In the meantime, if anyone has any fixes or anything just reply to this blog post. I've got some things cooking for CF Shopkart, and there will be lots of good things happening this year!